• The 34th, Convention of the Indian Association of Sedimentologists (2017) will be held at Department of Geology, Amravati University, Amravati


(as discussed and approved by the Governing Council and General Body of the IAS at the meetings held at the university of Roorkee on January 27/28, 1995)
1.                   The name of the association shall be "The Indian Association of Sedimentologists" hereinafter called "The Association".
2.                   The headquarters of the Association shall be located in the Department of Geology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh-202002. The   headquarters may be shifted to another institution and location by a resolution of the Governing Council approved by the General Body by a majority of two-thirds of the members present.


3.            The Association shall be composed of a GENERAL BODY comprising all Fellows in good standing, and a GOVERNING COUNCIL as stated herein.
4.            The official year of the Association shall be the Gregorian calendar year, commencing from Ist January.
5.            All persons engaged in and interested in the pursuit of sedimentology and allied disciplines shall be eligible for membership of the Association.
6.            The Association shall have the following classes of members: (a) Fellows, (b) Honorary Fellows, (c) Sessional Members.
7.            Fellows: The members who join the Association by 31st December, 1976 are deemed to be Founder Fellows. Those joining after this date shall be ordinary fellows. All Fellows shall pay the prescribed fees, except as provided for in clause 15.
8.            A Fellow may become a member for life by paying lump sum fee. He/she may compound life membership fee by paying a sum after five years of membership getting a rebate for each year of paid membership. These amounts shall be determined by the Governing Council from time to time.
9.             Honorary Fellows: A person who has made distinguished and notable contributions to the science of sedimentology and allied fields may be admitted as Honorary Fellow by a resolution of the Governing Council. He/she shall not pay any fees, but shall enjoy all privileges of membership  including the right to vote and hold office.
10.          A "non-fellow" wishing to attend a Convention of the Association shall enroll himself/herself as a Sessional Member by paying the prescribed fee, and also to register at the Convention, like a fellow of other categories. However, he/she shall not be entitled to vote, hold office or participate in the Meetings of the various bodies of the Association, and to receive gratis publications of the Association
11.          A person shall cease to be a Member of the Association if he/she becomes of unsound mind, becomes insolvent, be convicted of a criminal offence involving moral turpitude, commits fraud of any type, or fails to pay his/her dues to the Association.
12.          (a)          Fellows in good standing shall be eligible to nominate, vote, and stand for election to the Governing Council.
(b)          All Fellows shall be entitled to receive free of cost the Journal of the Association. Other publications of the Association may be purchased by a member at a special price determined by the Governing Council.
13.       Fees:  The following fees shall be payable:
                                (a) Fellow                                                            Rs. 500.00 per annum
                                (b) Sessional Member                                   Rs. 500.00 per Convention
                                (c) Life Member                                               Rs. 5000.00 lump sum
                                                       (For information see clause 8 above)
14.          The structure of the dues payable by members may be altered by the governing Council after approval of the General Body.
15.          The Governing Council may exempt a Fellow from payment of dues in recognition of his/her services to the Association or to the advancement of sedimentology without in any way affecting his right and privileges.
16.          The management of the Association shall be vested in a Governing Council consisting of the Following:
                (a) Office Bearers;           and        (b) Council Members
Office Bearers
           The following shall constitute the Office Bearers of the Governing Council:                
           (i)                 President
           (ii)                Immediate Past President
           (iii)               Two Vice Presidents
           (iv)              Two General Secretaries (of whom atleast one shall be resident at the Headquarters of the Association)
           (v)               Treasurer (he shall be resident at the headquarters of the Association)
           (vi)              Editor
           (vii)             Joint Editor
Council Members
          (viii)             There shall be ten Council Members.
The Governing Council shall appoint a foreign Secretary as and when deemed necessary.  He shall also be a member of the Governing Council.
17.          The office bearers of the Governing Council from serial numbers (i) to (vii) above shall hold office for a period of four years, while the council Members at serial number (viii) shall be elected for a period of two year w.e.f. 1993, as per the decision of the General body at Dharwad on November 6, 1993. If for any reason the Convention is not held in a year when the election is due, the Governing Council shall hold office till the next Convention is held.
18.          Any vacancy or vacancies that may occur during the tenure of the Governing Council shall be filled by nomination by the President from among the Fellows in good standing.
19.          The Governing Council shall transact its business by meeting or correspondence. All meetings shall be called by the General Secretary at the Headquarters.
20.          Five members of the Governing Council shall from a quorum in a meeting. If the business of the Governing Council is transacted by correspondence, the replies received from seven of them shall be considered as a quorum.
21.          Powers and Duties of the Office Bearers
(a)                The President:
(i)                  He shall ordinarily preside at all meetings of the Association.
(ii)           He shall be responsible for effective implementation of the policies, rules, regulations and bye-laws of the Association.
(iii)           In the absence of any definite rule/regulation by-law or in matters not covered by, the
(iv)         President shall give a decision or take action, which shall be presented to the Governing Council for its final decision.
(b)          The vice-Presidents:
(i)            In the absence of the President a Vice-President present shall conduct the     meetings of the Association.
(ii)           One of them shall also assume the responsibilities of the president as nominated   by the President while he is away from India.
(iii)          They shall exercise such powers and carry out such duties as my be assigned to them by the President or the Governing Council from time to time.
(c)           The General Secretaries:
(i)              They shall conduct the correspondence of the Association. The General Secretary  Headquarters shall normally issue notices for
                                convening meetings and be the officer-in-charge of the Secretariat of the Association.
(ii)             The General Secretary (Headquarters) or in his absence the other General Secretary shall prepare the periodical reports for presentation to the General Body.
(iii)            They shall ordinarily attend all the meetings of the Governing Council, keep   necessary records, and present minutes of the previous meetings of the Governing Council and the General Body.               
(iv)           In the event of litigation or any other legal matter pertaining to the Association, the General Secretary (Headquarters) or in his absence the other General Secretary shall be authorized to represent the Association.
(d)          The Treasurer:
He/she shall receive and hold for the Association all monies received, shall disburse payments, keep records of the financial transactions, get them audited and present the same to the General Body after approval by the Governing Council. He/she shall also issue notices in respect of subscriptions and other dues from the members and report to the Governing Council defaulters for appropriate action.
(e)                          They shall be responsible for editing and arrangements regarding the printing of the publication of the Association, and shall do all acts pursuant to this objective.
22.          A meeting of the General Body of the Association shall normally be held at the time of the Convention. All Fellows in good standing shall be eigible to participate in the meeting.
23.          The Governing Council shall frame bye-laws for the conduct of the affairs of the Association. It shall have the power to amend or delete any bye-law by a majority of two-thirds of the members present.
24.          All fees of all classes of members including Life Members and Sessional Members belong to the Association and should be necessarily remitted to the Treasurer.
25.          Funds/grants received for publication of proceedings/papers in the journal of the Association or in any other publication of the Association shall be necessarily remitted to and maintained by the Association for utilization.
26.  All monies received by the Association shall be deposited in bank account, except for a small amount of case to be used as imprest to be kept with the Treasurer together with either the President or the General Secretary (Headquarters).
27.          The Governing Council at its discretion may invest funds of the Association in Fixed Deposit(s), in Bank(s) or other financial institutions and  suitably utilize the interest there from.
28.          The Treasurer shall have the authority to advance to any office bearer a sum of amount not exceeding Rs. 500/- at a time for meeting incidental expenses.
29.          The Treasurer shall get the account audited by a Chartered Accountant every year and present a report there on the General Body at its next  meeting.
30.          A Convention of the Association shall normally be held every year on the invitation of any scientific or academic institution.
31.          The inviting institution shall designate a Convenor and other functionaries of the Convention, and do all acts pursuant to the organisation and conduct of the Convention in consultation with the President of the Association.
32.          The Convenor of the Convention shall issue announcements/circulars for the Convention.
33.          The finances for holding of the Convention shall be obtained and managed by the convening organisation. The Presidential Address or other addresses, the Volume of Abstracts, and other Convention material shall be brought out by the organizers from their own resources. However, the funds received for publication of the papers contributed at the Convention either in the Journal of the Association or in any other manner as approved by the Governing Council, shall be handed over to the Association for utilization.
34.          The papers presented at the Convention, after due scrutiny, processing and acceptance by the Editor shall be published in the Journal of the Association or in any other publication as decided by the Governing Council.
35.          A Convention Address shall be delivered ordinarily by the President of the Association or by any other person requested by the President to do so  with the approval of the Governing Council.
36.          The Association may organize other scientific/academic programmes, such as workshops, lectures, field and/or laboratory programmes, etc., for the advancement of sedimentology with the approval of the Governing Council.
37.          A minimum of ten members of the Association in good standing at a place other than the Headquarters of the association shall be entitled to establish a local Chapter of the Association subject to the approval of the Governing Council and the General Body.
38.          The affairs of the chapter shall be conducted by a Convenor with the help of a committee consisting of two members of the chapter, and a nominee of the President of the Association.

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